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Hooded tie


This unique item has been selected by an international jury as one of the most exciting and innovative products seen at the “Ispo Brandnew Start-up Competition” during Ispo. The competition was established by Ispo, the world’s largest sports trade fair, to encourage enterprise and innovation in the sports industry.

The hooded tie is timeless and one of a kind. Casual due to the sweatfabric yet chic at the same time because of the tie.

This item is also available for men, yet this item for kids is a user friendlier version. The tie doesn't have to be knotted and the length of the tie is very easily adjustable in size by pulling the one end through the loop of the tie.

Fabric composition:
100% cotton

The hooded tie for kids is available in two sizes, Small (little kids) and Medium (big kids). The product on the picture is a size S.